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At Moderna, our mission is to deliver the greatest possible impact to people through mRNA medicines—and we’re embarking on a journey to evaluate the use of mRNA science to treat cancer.

mRNA, short for messenger RNA, is a naturally occurring instructional molecule that tells your cells how to make proteins. For our investigational oncology products, scientists engineer mRNA molecules with instructions to make proteins that have the potential to stimulate the immune system to attack cancer cells.

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Kyle Holen, MD

Head of Development, Therapeutics, and Oncology


Research in Oncology

Individual Neoantigen Therapy

With an investigational individual neoantigen therapy, each trial participant’s treatment is customized. To do this, researchers take and analyze a sample of the trial participant’s healthy genes and genes from their tumor. Based on this analysis, instructions are created and then loaded onto an mRNA molecule that has the potential to tell their body how to fight the cancer.


In immuno-oncology, also known as immunotherapy, the body’s own immune system may be used to potentially prevent or treat cancer.

Moderna is developing the use of mRNA in immuno-oncology by using the messenger molecule that we believe may activate the body’s immune system to attack tumor cells.

Oncology Trials


A Clinical Trial of a Cancer Treatment for Adults with Solid Tumor Cancers


A Clinical Trial of a Cancer Treatment for Adults with Solid Tumor Cancers or Lymphoma


A Clinical Trial of a Personalized Cancer Vaccine for Adults with High-Risk Melanoma


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